This round is on me!

Rondje van mij

Rondje van mij™ (this round’s on me) is a collapsible tray for glasses, suitable for carrying 5 to 10 glass in an eye-catching manner. By means of an ingenious click system this flexible tray for glasses can easily kept in your trouser pocket or handbag.
Like this it is easy to fetch more drink quickly and of course it’s cool to buy a round for your circle of friends.

combination of colours

Rondje van mij can be supplied in the standard colours of white, black, red, green, blue, yellow, orange, pink, purple or in a combination of these.

PMS matching colours

Starting at 5000 pieces or more Rondje van mij can be delivered in the PMS matching colours of your choice.


Obviously it is also possible to have Rondje van mij printed. Like this Rondje van mij becomes the perfect technique of drawing attention to your advertising expression during all sorts of events.